Trecho Tuff Ten

TRECHO TUFF TEN is more of an run experience, enhanced by running amidst green farms, and the local charms of the village life. The run starts from Lakhanigam Farms, (about 6.8 miles/ 11 kms from Kanakpura town) and is a challenge for both the seasoned and novice runners. The roller coaster route starts from about 3 mile / 5 kms and continues through the rest of the run and will see participants challenging themselves to surmount the undulating terrain. The max elevation of the course is about 870 meters.

The event was a great success with every runner enjoying the route, the weather, the rolling hills and the whole run experience. With about 150 runners participating in the 1st edition, Trecho Tuff Ten will return in 2019, much bigger and stronger.

A challenging 10 mile run with rolling hills as backdrop, chirping birds providing music while lush green landscape oxygenates us – this is the first edition of TRECHO TUFF TEN.